Our Story

Our story starts when we took a trip to Florence in 2016. We were fascinated by the attention to detail that Italians paid to everything they created, from grand architecture to something as small as footwear. When we got back to America, we realized that — unlike the Italian woman — the modern American woman had limited options in handcrafted Italian footwear. We took it upon ourselves to blend said Italian craftsmanship with the ambitious American lifestyle.  We spent years going back and forth to Italy, in order to find the best artisans and materials until our team arrived at the perfect formula: the NUR ITALY ballerina flat. 

We chose Italy because of their masterful craftsmanship and their eye for design. Since our products are entirely hand-crafted, no two pairs are alike, and each pair is a part of a limited collection. Every part of our shoe tells a story from a different part of Italy, from the leather, to the lining, to the heel, and lastly, to our blue sole.

We choose to celebrate and honor Italian culture, because that’s what NUR ITALY is: Unapologetically, Italian.